Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Signaghi, the city of love

Some of the volunteers from Siqa had the opportunity to go to Signaghi, one of the most beautiful cities from Georgia, for their arrival trainings of the European Voluntary Service, organized by Salto.

In the first day of the training we had the chance to meet with others volunteers from Georgia and from Armenia and to accommodate with the city. 
Sighnaghi is known as the city of love because it is said that it's extremely easy to fall in love here and also to get married. The city is also famous for his wine, the traditional carpets and the Georgian traditional food, Mcvadi.
The town is surrounded by fortress with 23 towers which in the past was used to protect the inhabitants and the people from surrounding villages.
In Signaghi and near the city can be found several Christian - orthodox churches. Saint Nino Covent in Bodbe is one the most important sanctuaries in Georgia and shouldn’t be missed once you are anyway in Signaghi.

At the trainings we learned many things about volunteering, about the Georgian and Armenian culture as well, specific Caucasus issues and we improved some skills. Good chance to talk about our projects as EVS volunteers and to establish new connections.

We participated at supra, this traditional Georgian feast and an important part of Georgian social culture.  This celebratory feast - with tons of good food and wine are led by a Tamada or toastmaster, with great rhetorical skills. 
Our Tamada was Isra who started the toasts by making everyone to stand on their chairs and to toast for peace. We also toasted for love, for friends, for family, for those who are no longer here with us, for Georgia and for Armenia. During the toasting, we tasted special dishes from this area, the shashlik (Georgian bar-b-q), salads, khatchapuri, hinkali (dumplings with minced beef or pork), pkhali ( spinach or beetroot paste with garlic and walnuts).

We had such a good time, and if you are going to be in Georgia for any length of time, you don’t have to miss out one of the most important essentials Georgian experiences, the supra.

We all can agree it was an AMAAAAZING week, with nice people in a special place!

Written by: Ionela Munteanu


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